First looks for index.Rmd or README.Rmd, then or If none are found, falls back to the description field in DESCRIPTION.

build_home(pkg = ".", path = "docs", depth = 0L, encoding = "UTF-8",
  preview = TRUE)



Path to source package. If R working directory is not set to the source directory, then pkg must be a fully qualified path to the source directory (not a relative path).


Output path. Relative paths are taken relative to the pkg directory.


Depth of path relative to root of documentation. Used to adjust relative links in the navbar.


The encoding of the input files.


If TRUE, will preview freshly generated home page

YAML config

To tweak the home page, you need a section called home.

The sidebar links are automatically generated by inspecting the URL and BugReports fields of the DESCRIPTION. You can add additional links with a subsection called links, which should contain a list of text + href elements:

  - text: Link text

The "developers" list is populated by the maintainer ("cre"), authors ("aut"), and funder ("fnd").


Status badges are displayed in the sidebar under the section "Dev status". This section is automatically populated if the first paragraph of the homepage consists solely of status badges as linked images.