Your is parsed in to sections based on your use of headings. Each minor version (i.e. the combination of first and second components) gets on one page, with all patch versions (i.e. the third component) on a single page. News items for development versions (by convention those versions with a fourth component) are displayed on an an "unreleased" page.

build_news(pkg = ".", override = list(), preview = NA)



Path to package.


An optional named list used to temporarily override values in _pkgdown.yml


If TRUE, or && interactive(), will preview freshly generated section in browser.


The file should be formatted somewhat like this:

# pkgdown
    ## Major changes
    - Fresh approach based on the staticdocs package. Site configuration now based on YAML files.

Commonly used subsection headers include 'Major changes', 'Bug fixes', 'Minor changes'.

Issues and contributors mentioned in news items are automatically linked to github if a URL entry linking to is provided in the package DESCRIPTION.

## Major changes
    - Lots of bug fixes (@hadley, #100)

If the package is available on CRAN, release dates will be added for listed versions.

YAML config

To automatically link to release announcements, include a releases section.

 - text: "usethis 1.3.0"
 - text: "usethis 1.0.0 (and 1.1.0)"

Control whether news is present on one page or multiple pages with the one_page field. The default is true.

- one_page: false