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If you change the structure of your documentation (by renaming vignettes or help topics) you can setup redirects from the old content to the new content. One or several now-absent pages can be redirected to a new page (or to a new section of a new page). This works by creating a html page that performs a "meta refresh", which isn't the best way of doing a redirect but works everywhere that you might deploy your site.

The syntax is the following, with old paths on the left, and new paths or URLs on the right.

  - ["articles/old-vignette-name.html", "articles/new-vignette-name.html"]
  - ["articles/another-old-vignette-name.html", "articles/new-vignette-name.html"]
  - ["articles/yet-another-old-vignette-name.html", ""]

If for some reason you choose to redirect an existing page make sure to exclude it from the search index, see ?build_search.


build_redirects(pkg = ".", override = list())



Path to package.


An optional named list used to temporarily override values in _pkgdown.yml