pkgdown Unreleased

  • Vestigal mathjax removed. This didn’t appear to do anything and no one could remember why it existed (#785).

  • build_reference() no longer loads unexported functions or test helpers (#789)

  • The default css has been tweaked to ensure that icons are visible on all browsers (#852).

  • build_home() no longer includes an NA link for bug reports in the sidebar if the DESCRIPTION has no “BugReports” field (#855).

  • Support of qualified functions in @usage statments was fixed, eliminating Error in fun_info(x) : Unknown call: :: errors (#795).

  • A default favicon is now used if no logo is provided (#827).

  • The display depth of vignette tables of contents can be configured by setting toc: depth in _pkgdown.yml (#821):

  • build_site() now uses colors even if new_process = TRUE (@jimhester).

  • deploy_site_github() added to build and deploy a site to GitHub Pages from the Travis CI service (@jimhester).

  • init_site() now creates a CNAME file if one doesn’t already exist and the site’s metadata includes a url field.

  • Users with limited internet connectivity can explicitly disable pkgdown CRAN checks by setting options(pkgdown.internet = FALSE) prior to running build_site() (#774).

  • build_reference_index(): Selectors that do not match topics now generate a warning. If none of the specified selectors have a match, no topics are selected (#728).

  • Support of multiple arguments in \Sexpr{} was fixed, eliminating x must be a string or a R connection errors when using \doi Rd tags (#738).

  • build_home(): a link to the source inst/CITATION was added to the authors page (#714).

pkgdown 1.1.0 2018-06-02

New features

  • build_reference() and build_site() get new document argument. When TRUE, the default, will automatically run devtools::document() to ensure that your documentation is up to date.

  • build_site() gains a new_process argument, which defaults to TRUE. This will run pkgdown in a separate process, and is recommended practice because it improves reproducibility (#647).

  • Improved display for icons: icons must be 30px and stored in top-level icons/ directory. They are embedded in a separate column of reference index table, instead of being inside a comment (!) (#607).

Front end

  • Added a keyboard shortcut for searching. Press shift + / (?) to move focus to the search bar (#642).

  • The Algolia logo is correctly shown in the search results (#673).

  • Navbar active tab highlighting uses a superior approach (suggested by

    @jcheng5) which should mean that the active page is correctly highlighted in all scenarios (#660).

  • pkgdown.js is better isolated so it should still work even if you load html widgets that import a different version of jquery (#655).

Improvements to Rd translation

  • vignette() calls that don’t link to existing vignettes silently fail to link instead of generating an uninformative error messages (#652). Automatic linking works for re-exported objects that are not functions (@gaborcsardi, #666).

  • Empty \section{}s are ignored (#656). Previously, empty sections caused error Error in rep(TRUE, length(x) - 1).

  • \Sexpr{} supports results=text, results=Rd and results=hide (#651).

  • \tabular{} no longer requires a terminal \cr (#664, #645).

Minor bug fixes and improvements

  • Add inst/pkgdown.yml as a possible site configuration file so that packages on CRAN can be built without needing the development version (#662).

  • Default navbar template now uses site title, not package name (the package name is the default title, so this will not affect most sites) (#654).

  • You can suppress indexing by search engines by setting noindex: true pkgdown.yml (#686)

  • build_article() sets IN_PKGDOWN env var so in_pkgdown() works (#650).

  • build_home(): CITATION files with non-UTF-8 encodings (latin1) work correctly, instead of generating an error. For non-UTF-8 locales, ensure you have e.g. Encoding: latin1 in your DESCRIPTION; but best practice is to re-enode your CITATION file to UTF-8 (#689).

  • build_home(): Markdown files (e.g., stored in .github/ are copied and linked correctly (#682).

  • build_news(): Multi-page changelogs (generated from with news: one_page: false in _pkgdown.yml) are rendered correctly.

  • build_reference(): reference index shows infix functions (like %+%) as `%+%`, not `%+%`() on (#659).

pkgdown 1.0.0 2018-05-03

  • Major refactoring of path handling. build_ functions no longer take path or depth arguments. Instead, set the destination directory at the top level of pkgdown.yml.

  • Similarly, build_news() no longer takes a one_page argument; this should now be specified in the _pkgdown.yml instead. See the documentation for an example.