This creates the output directory (docs/), a machine readable description of the site, and copies CSS/JS assets and extra files.

init_site(pkg = ".")



Path to package.

Build-ignored files

We recommend using usethis::use_pkgdown() to build-ignore docs/ and _pkgdown.yml. If use another directory, or create the site manually, you'll need to add them to .Rbuildignore yourself. A NOTE about an unexpected file during R CMD CHECK is an indication you have not correctly ignored these files.

Custom CSS/JS

If you want to do minor customisation of your pkgdown site, the easiest way is to add pkgdown/extra.css and pkgdown/extra.js. These will be automatically copied to docs/ and inserted into the <HEAD> after the default pkgdown CSS and JS.


You should manually run build_favicon() once to generate the favicon set from your logo. The result is stored in pkgdown/favicon and will automatically be copied to the relevant location when you run init_site().