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A will be broken up into versions using level one (#) or level two headings (##) that (partially) match one of the following forms (ignoring case):

  • {package name} 1.3.0

  • {package name} v1.3.0

  • Version 1.3.0

  • Changes in 1.3.0

  • Changes in v1.3.0


build_news(pkg = ".", override = list(), preview = NA)



Path to package.


An optional named list used to temporarily override values in _pkgdown.yml


If TRUE, or && interactive(), will preview freshly generated section in browser.


A common structure for news files is to use a top level heading for each release, and use a second level heading to break up individual bullets into sections.

# foofy 1.0.0

## Major changes

* Can now work with all grooveable grobbles!

## Minor improvements and bug fixes

* Printing scrobbles no longer errors (@githubusername, #100)

* Wibbles are now 55% less jibbly (#200)

Issues and contributors will be automatically linked to the corresponding pages on GitHub if the GitHub repo can be discovered from the DESCRIPTION (typically from a URL entry containing

If a version is available on CRAN, the release date will automatically be added to the heading (see below for how to suppress); if not available on CRAN, "Unreleased" will be added.

YAML config

To automatically link to release announcements, include a releases section.

 - text: "usethis 1.3.0"
 - text: "usethis 1.0.0 (and 1.1.0)"

Control whether news is present on one page or multiple pages with the one_page field. The default is true.

  one_page: false

Suppress the default addition of CRAN release dates with:

  cran_dates: false