learnr tutorials must be hosted elsewhere as they require an R execution engine. Currently, pkgdown will not build or publish tutorials for you, but makes it easy to embed (using <iframe>s) published tutorials. Tutorials are automatically discovered from published tutorials in inst/tutorials and vignettes/tutorials. Alternatively, you can list in _pkgdown.yml as described below.

build_tutorials(pkg = ".", override = list(), preview = NA)



Path to package.


An optional named list used to temporarily override values in _pkgdown.yml


If TRUE, or is.na(preview) && interactive(), will preview freshly generated section in browser.

YAML config

To override the default discovery process, you can provide a tutorials section. This should be a list where each element specifies:

  • name: used for the generated file name

  • title: used in page heading and in navbar

  • url: which will be embedded in an iframe

  • source: optional, but if present will be linked to

- name: 00-setup
  title: Setting up R
  url: https://jjallaire.shinyapps.io/learnr-tutorial-00-setup/
- name: 01-data-basics
  title: Data basics
  url: https://jjallaire.shinyapps.io/learnr-tutorial-01-data-basics/